Regional Assault Program

"Offering care and support to women, men and children who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault"

Call 1-800-363-7222

What is the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Regional Assault Care Program?

Regional Assault Program logoThe Renfrew Victoria Hospital Regional Assault Care Program is made up of the Assault Response Team (ART) which is a multi-disciplinary health care team that responds to women, men and children who have experienced domestic and/or sexual assault. The team consists of emergency room physicians and nurses, specially trained ART registered nurses who are on call 24 hours/day, 7 days weeks, two social workers, and a clinical leader. The program is provincially funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The ART provides services throughout Renfrew County at five hospitals: Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital, Deep River and District Community Hospital, Pembroke Regional Hospital, Renfrew Victoria Hospital and St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Barry's Bay.

It is committed to providing prompt, confidential and individualized services to all clients who are survivors of all forms of abuse/assault including physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, verbal and child maltreatment.

What services does the ART provide?

The ART provides comprehensive emergency and follow-up care to all clients who access services at any of the hospitals in Renfrew County. Services include the following:

Emergency Services

Clients are usually seen initially by the Emergency Department staff at the local hospital. Once the client has been medically stabilized in the Emergency Department the staff will discuss the services offered by the ART. With the client's permission, the staff will contact the on-call ART nurse so that she can come to the hospital to provide intensive specialized care for them. While at the hospital the staff will ensure that the client is protected by strict adherence to client confidentiality policies and client safety is a priority.

Non-Emergency Services

Some clients who have experienced abuse may not need to be seen in the Emergency Department, i.e. they have no physical injuries. In this case the client can access specialized services by arranging to meet with a nurse and/or social worker without being seen in the Emergency Department. The client can call 1-800-363-7222 and ask the operator to page the on-call nurse so that she can come to the hospital to meet with you.

Medical Care

The client who requires medical care will be seen by the on-call physician in the Emergency Department. Medical care includes: examination and treatment of physical injuries as well as preventative treatment for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy as appropriate.

Pediatric Services

All cases of pediatric sexual assault (15 years of age and under) will be seen at one of the Renfrew Victoria Regional Assault Response sites. In 2004 RVH formed a unique partnership with the Phoenix Centre for psychological trauma assessment and counseling. In addition, a protocol with CHEO has been established to improve the transfer of our pediatric population. All follow-up counseling and referrals for children and their families will be coordinated by the Assault Response Team who has a specially trained nurse and a family/child social worker who are available so speak with clients after a child has received services from the on call or emergency room team. Call 1-800-363-7222 or 613-432-4851 extension 224.

Physical Evidence Collection

The Emergency Department team and the on-call nurse will collect physical evidence by documenting injuries and possibly taking photographs, with the client's consent. Forensic evidence is collected when the client is considering pursuing legal action against the assailant. Evidence can be collected regardless of whether or not the police are involved.

Client Information/Safety Planning

The client receives a package of information which includes: a check list of treatment rendered including any medications administered and possible side effects of these, safety planning, a self-care booklet and information about follow-up care and counseling referrals. The ART will assist clients to choose appropriate services available in their home community and will make arrangements for follow-up care if the client wishes. If client safety is a concern, the ART will assist the client to determine what planning needs to occur before the client is discharged, including admission to the local shelter if necessary.

Follow-Up Medical Services

Clients will be encouraged to return to their family physician for follow-up medical care. Clients without a family physician who require follow-up medical care will be encouraged to return to the emergency department for care.

Community Based Services

The ART works in collaboration with many community agencies to encourage a co-coordinated response to the care of clients who have experienced or are living with abuse/assault. The ART will provide educational or information sessions to any community of professional group. Topics of presentation include: dating violence, sexual assault, drug facilitated sexual assault, domestic violence and child maltreatment. Classroom presentations are always available for grads JK to post-secondary levels.

How Can a Client be Referred to the ART

Clients may come to any of the local hospitals themselves, with a friend, a social service agency worker, accompanied by the police or by ambulance. If the client comes alone, the staff of the ART will offer to contact a friend or relative or any other support person that the client wishes to have present.

If you require further information about sexual assault or about any other forms of abuse, please contact:

The Renfrew Victoria Hospital

Regional Assault Care Program Centre at:


This number is free anywhere in the 613 area code and does not appear on your phone bill, or

1-613-432-4851, ext. 224

Satellite Centre

Trained Registered Nurses on call and available 24 hours a day

Pembroke General Hospital

Emergency Department

1-613-732-2811, ext 6024

Affiliate Centres

Trained Registered Nurses will be available to offer care and support for victims in the Emergency Department

Deep River & District Hospital

Emergency Department

1-613-584-3333, ext. 172

St. Francis Memorial Hospital, Barry's Bay

Emergency Department

1-613-756-3044, ext. 250

Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital

Emergency Department


Other Renfrew County Services

24 Hour Support Services

Women's Sexual Assault Centre - Eganville


Bernadette McCann House for Women Inc.

Crisis Line 1-800-267-4930 or 613-732-3131

Sexual Assault Counseling Centre

Pembroke Regional Hospital


North Renfrew Family Services

Deep River 584-3358 or distress line 584-9222

Family & Children's Services


Community Mental Health Program

Renfrew 432-5835

Pembroke 735-1120

Barry's Bay 756-9696

The Phoenix Centre for Children & Families


Ontario Provincial Police


or for emergencies 9 - 1 - 1

The Network of Sexual Assault Care Centres in Renfrew County was made possible with funding provided by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Check out the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault Care and Treatment Centers website and The Ontario Network of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care and Treatment Centres website