Wait times

How long will you wait in our emergency department?Outside view of RVH Emergency entrance

 We do our best to ensure that everyone in our emergency department is seen in a timely manner. A number of circumstances can affect how long you may spend in the emergency department:


  • When you go – some days or times of day may be busier than others.
  • Unforeseen circumstances – for example, a big accident in the area or an infectious disease outbreak.
  • Patients with serious or potentially life-threatening health problems – high-urgency patients receive treatment first. This means that low-urgency patients may have to spend more time in the emergency department.
  • Need for immediate tests or diagnostic imaging – getting the tests (e.g. blood) or images (e.g. x-ray) and results will add to the total length of your visit.
  • If you need to be admitted to hospital – you may need to wait until a hospital bed becomes available.