Patients & Visitors

General Information 

Welcome to Renfrew Victoria Hospital.  Our mission is to provide the best possible healthcare experience for our patients and their families. In this section of our website, you will find information related to your stay or visit.

 Hand Hygiene

person using hand sanitizer Please follow regular hand hygiene practice during your visit. Hand sanitizers are located throughout the hospital – please clean your hands as soon as your enter, before and after eating, before entering and when leaving a patient room, and just before leaving the hospital. This is for your safety as well as patients and staff.


Smoke free / Scent free 

no smoking sign scent free sign

In order to protect the health and well-being of patients, visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers, the RVH campus including buildings, grounds and parking lots is a smoke-free, scent-free environment.

We're also committed to providing a scent-reduced environment in consideration of those who may have serious reactions. Please do not wear perfume, scented hairspray, cologne, scented deodorant, aftershave or other scented products.


laptop, tablet, smartphone Patients are encouraged to leave their personal electronics/devices (e.g., cellphones, iPads/tablets, laptops, etc.) at home or with family and friends for safekeeping. Renfrew Victoria Hospital will not be responsible should you choose to bring your device and it is lost, stolen or damaged in any way. 


Masking Reminder

For the safety of your loved ones who you are visiting today, please note that all visitors must wear a medical grade mask at all times while in our facility. Masks are provided at all hospital entrances.

Masking not only protects those in our care and our staff from COVID-19, but also from all other respiratory and contagious illnesses. For this reason, they must be worn at all times while travelling through the hospital, as well as at bedside. Given that our hospital is classified as a “highest risk setting”, strict safety measures are necessary.

In addition to masking, all visitors must:

  • Stay home if you are unwell or have symptoms of any illness that may be contagious.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking inside patient rooms or in other areas that are not designated for food or drink consumption.
  • Wear additional personal protective equipment as required.

Due to the serious nature of respiratory illness transmission among our vulnerable population, failure to follow our visitor requirements will result in the suspension of visitation privileges. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.