COVID-19 Information

Quick Facts and FAQs

In this section, RVH provides brief updates on the ever-evolving pandemic and resulting changes to procedures, protocols, and requirements related to accessing care and services.


RVH visitor entrances 






 COVID self-assessment tool and testing


Prioritizing care needs


Virtual care new normal 

Stage 3 opening visitor changes 

5.  Entering RVH

There will be three entrances for patients and visitors: the Emergency Department (A), Nephrology/Dialysis (E), or the Ambulatory Care (B) entrance.

4. COVID testing

Before going for testing you should complete a self-assessment to determine if testing is recommended. If it is recommended, call Renfrew County VTAC at 1-844-727-6406 to book an appointment.

3. Prioritizing care needs

As we resume services, patients will be triaged in a similar way to the Emergency Department, assessing who needs care urgently.

2. Virtual first

As we start ramping up services, we will continue to see patients virtually when appropriate (for example, phone, e-visit such as OTN (Ontario Telemedicine Network) or over Zoom.

1. Visiting at Stage 3 re-opening

Visiting remains at one visitor per patient per day. Visitors are allowed to bring some items to patients in clean plastic bags.

Visitors must wear a mask or face covering for the duration of their visit and will not be able to consume food or drink.