Speech & Language Therapy

The ability to communicate is essential to learning, working and social interactions.

Speech and Language disorders:

  • significantly interfere with education and limit or eliminate employment
  • isolate a person from family, friends and society
  • impact upon the whole development of the child
  • can be a symptom of more serious disorders
  • may not resolve without professional help

The speech and language department at RVH is staffed by a speech-language pathologist who is registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. Services are offered to adults and preschool children.

Office Hours
Wednesdays     8:30-4:30
Thursdays         8:30-4:30
Fridays              8:30-12:00

613-432-4851, ext. 186

Services for Adults

  • Remediation of communication difficulties resulting from stroke, head injury, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, etc. (referral by physician or speech-language pathologist)
  • Swallowing assessments (referral by physician)

Service for Preschool Children

  • This service is provided in partnership with First Words Ottawa and Renfrew County, the regional Pre-school Speech and Lanuage Program (formerly Sprouting Speech).
  • All preschool referrals are processed at 1-866-994-8124 ext 5905.  
  • Referrals are accepted from parents as well as health care providers. 
  • Intervention may take the form of parent training, home program, individual intervention, group intervention or a combination of these forms.

When to make a referral:

  • a child is not making cooing and babbling sounds as an infant or toddler
  • a child is not saying any words by age of 18 months
  • a child says fewer than 50 words by age 2
  • a child is still not using two and three word sentences by age of 3
  • a child's speech is largely unintelligible after age of 3
  • a child is leaving off many beginning or final consonants after age 3
  • a child is self-conscious about his/her speech
  • a child avoids communicating with others
  • a child repeats words or sounds when trying to speak (stuttering)

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