April 23, 2019

RVH Foundation’s Catch the Ace lottery off to an exciting start

On Thursday April 18, the first draw for the newly launched RVH Catch the Ace progressive lottery took place at Finnigans Roadhouse Renfrew. A great crowd was on hand to witness the draw.

Week 1 winning ticket holder, Leona Warren won $3,201. “I can’t believe out of all those tickets, mine was picked. I was so excited! I will keep buying because it is a great cause,” she said.

The lottery has had tremendous support from the community with dozens of local businesses selling tickets and many volunteers helping out with ticket sales.

“We’re very excited for the first draw and have been overwhelmed by the community support and enthusiasm for our Catch the Ace adventure. It has been so exciting already,” said Foundation representative Patti Dillabough.

The next draw takes place on April 25 at 8:30 at Rocky Mountain House. Tickets are available for $5.00 each (cash only) at:
Renfrew: Ray’s Flowers, J&J Chocolates, Renfrew Printing, Dahl’s Convenience, George Jackson Toyota, Rocky Mountain House, Finnigan’s Road House, Kate’s Barber Shop, Circle K, Gourley’s Variety, Irving’s Pump & Munch Convenience, Dragonfly Golf Links, Renfrew Golf Club, Home Health & Medical Supplies, Mac’s (McEwen’s), RVH Foundation Office
Beachburg: Simple Things
Burnstown: The Neat Café
Calabogie: Calabogie General Store
Cobden: Olmstead’s Home Hardware
Douglas: Douglas Grocery, Douglas Tavern
Eganville: Eganville Country Store

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