December 7, 2017

RVH reaches silver benchmark for Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods Silver badge

On Tuesday, December 5, guests and staff gathered in Renfrew Victoria Hospital’s Café Victoria to celebrate Silver status in the Healthy Foods program that includes 20 hospitals across the Champlain LHIN.

The Healthy Foods program aims to increase the availability of healthy foods and beverages in hospital cafeterias, vending machines, and gift shops.

“It is important, as a health care facility, that we demonstrate leadership. This designation is about our leadership in the area of making sure our staff, physicians and patients have access to healthy choices in our cafeteria. I am very proud of the work of Julia Boudreau, Pam Cranfield, Christianne Balint, and all of our staff in Food Services who have done so much work in achieving this designation. Congratulations on a job well done,” said Randy Penney, RVH President and CEO.

RVH reached bronze level in 2015 and will continue working towards gold status in the Healthy Foods program.

In his letter of congratulations, Dr. Andrew Pipe, Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network Chair, noted “RVH is among a small but growing group of hospitals to reach this impressive milestone in our region.”

He acknowledged the RVH team and, in particular, dietary staff Balint, Cranfield (retired), and Barb Bourguignon as well as members of the Auxiliary for their dedication in making the necessary changes.

“One of our hospital values is to provide an environment that supports the well-being of patients, families, visitors, and staff. This initiative, combined with other initiatives such as the RVH scent-free policy and no smoking on hospital grounds, is another example of our hospital being a leader in healthy practices, and making the healthy choice an easier choice,” said Julia Boudreau, RVH Vice President of Corporate Services.

Menu items now provide calorie and sodium information using simple and easy-to-read menu cards displayed at the point of purchase to help customers make an informed choice.

“We are helping our customers make the healthier choice, the easy choice by offering menu items that are lower in sodium, fat and sugar while increasing whole grain choices and more nutritious snack options,” stated Balint, RVH Dietitian, also acknowledging Chris Watson, RVH cook, who helped with the final touches on the project.

Tasty new recipes that are silver compliant include lemon glazed chicken, pulled pork sandwich on a whole-wheat bun, and sweet and sour meatballs with pineapple.

Healthy new snacks include cheddar Jalapeno popcorn, an Increased variety of baked chips, Lactose-free yogurt cups, chocolate chip chia granola bars and Eska lemon sparkling water as an alternative to high-calorie beverages.

“Kudos to the staff in our Food Services Department who have been working hard to introduce and achieve healthier meal and snack options. Their hard work really is appreciated,” noted Boudreau.

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