May 12, 2017

RVH celebrates Nursing Week with 2nd annual retreat day

Champions of Renfrew Victoria and St. Francis Memorial Hospitals’ Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) journey gathered on Thursday, May 11, to celebrate accomplishments and pave the way forward to BPSO designation.

The day began with greetings from the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario’s Dr. Valerie Grdisa, RN, PhD, Director of the International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Centre, via video clip.

“Congratulations on another successful year in your Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) pre-designation,” said Grdisa.

Grace Suva, BPSO coach, RNAO representative, attended the day in person.

Randy Penney, President & CEO, RVH and St. Francis Memorial Hospital, was on hand to welcome participants and express gratitude for all that staff does.

“It’s only fitting to hold this event during Nursing Week,” commented Penney. “I am happy to have the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work that our nurses do. To all of our frontline staff, thanks very much—the work you do is not lost on me.”

Penney confirmed the hospital’s support for the work being done to implement best practices, including the establishment of a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

“The hospital made a commitment to support the work of the RVH Patient and Family Advisory Council. The involvement of patients and family in the changes that have been brought forward is a major shift.”

Guest speaker Julie Langlois, Accreditation Canada, spoke about the client and family engagement perspective related to accreditation standards and the culture shift to involving clients in their care.

“It’s all about partnering with patients to provide the best care—not doing to or doing for, but doing with,” stated Langlois, also noting that patients should determine who ‘family’ is to them.

One of the highlights of the day was the sharing of their personal healthcare stories by two members of the RVH PFAC, and their reasons for becoming members of the council.

Candice Dick said she enjoys giving input based on her experience in the hospital and reminded those gathered that “Family, along with the patient, goes through the experience” and the “importance of listening to a patient.”

Gary McFarlane noted that his reason for joining was to “help make the system friendlier for people.” He said that he is glad to be helping in his own community, making changes to the whole hospital. “You can see the results immediately. Now, the patient is the first thing that comes to mind and it’s easy for them to ask questions.”

The morning was rounded out with an update on the five best practices that are being implemented at RVH as BPSO initiatives:

  • Screening for delirium, dementia and depression in older adults
  • Patient- and family-centred care
  • Decision support for adults living with Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Women abuse: screening, identification and initial response in the ED
  • Assessment and management of pain.

To date, more than 40 staff have been trained as BPSO champions, including non-nursing reps. “There is lots of engagement,” said Ferguson also noting that there is no maximum number and education opportunities will be made available to train more champions.

Mary-Ellen Harris, Director of Patient Care Services at St. Francis Memorial Hospital provided an update on the initiatives being implemented in Barry’s Bay.

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