February 1, 2016

Celebration of Life

A very special person was honoured during the twelfth annual Celebration of Life day on January 29. Randy Penney, President and CEO of the Renfrew Victoria Hospital announced that the RVH Digital Mammography Unit waiting room will be named the Robertson Room after long-time RVH supporter Janet Robertson who passed away in 2015.

Robertson was a well known RVH supporter, raising funds for digital mammography and oncology equipment and projects at RVH. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 1996, Robertson focused her fundraising efforts towards women’s breast health and cancer care in Renfrew, always feeling passionate about her community hospital.

“We are just so pleased to be naming our waiting room in the mammography area after Janet,” stated Penney. “The plaque will read: the Robertson Room – Dedicated to Janet Robertson whose dedication, determination and passion inspired so many people to raise funds for RVH oncology and digital mammography units. Their efforts have made a lasting legacy, which will continue to make a difference in the lives of patients and families at RVH.”

Discussion started with Robertson in early 2013, but the RVH patron requested time to consider the room naming. Her key goal was to ensure the naming encompassed all of her supporters, as she felt very strongly about the backing she received community-wide for her efforts. In late 2014 Robertson gave her blessing to the RVH Foundation for the room naming but, due to her health at the time, the process was delayed.

“It was very important to Janet that it was not just herself that was recognized in this naming, but that all those who supported her efforts over the years were also credited,” said Barbara Desilets, Executive Director for the RVH Foundation. “Janet was dedicated to supporting local health care in our community.”

After Robertson’s passing in March 2015 support was given by her three daughters, April, Alyssa and Amber Gillan, to announce the room naming after their mother at the 2016 Celebration of Life day.

Since its conception the Celebration of Life day and dance has exceeded $300,000. Funds generated have gone towards the RVH Healing Garden, mammography furnishings and upgrades to digital technology, and various equipment needs including breast mold, hausted chair, mammography processor, replacement senographe unit, mammography machine, biopsy gun and a larger dark room.

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For more information, please contact:
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