September 29, 2014

RVH nurses awarded for patient safety education initiative

Renfrew Victoria Hospital is one of only a few organizations being recognized on a national level for improvements made in patient safety and quality improvement practices, experiences and outcomes for its patients, residents and clients.

In a press release from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), CEO Hugh MacLeod says the RVH “commitment to foster a culture of patient safety is truly a model for many organizations across our country.”

Patient safety is one of the key values of RVH, ensuring the ongoing promotion and endorsement of best practices.

“Patient care and safety is paramount to everyone at RVH. This award is yet another testimony to the dedication of the entire RVH organization to continuous improvement and innovation. The Board is extremely proud of RVH being recognized as a leading hospital in Canada,” says Andy Boldt, RVH Board Chair.

Frontline nurses Charlene Hanniman and Cindy Walker are Patient Safety Education Program Trainers (PSEP-Canada) who have demonstrated best practices in patient safety and quality improvement work at RVH based on the PSEP-Canada model.

At the RVH Board of Directors’ meeting in September, the pair was presented with the Innovations in Patient Safety Education Award by Patient Safety Improvement Lead, Joan Fernandez, on behalf of the CPSI.

“It is a real privilege to be able to present this award to RVH,” said Fernandez. “You are a great example of what can be done to improve patient safety within a small organization and other service providers are going to be looking to you for advice and guidance in the future.”

“They have done an amazing job of taking the lead and rolling out the safety practices across six of our different departments,” noted Christene Ferguson, RVH’s Vice-President of Patient Care Services, adding that their efforts put the hospital well on the path to exemplary accreditation results last fall.

“The kind of work that RVH is doing in the area of frontline mobilization around patient safety and quality improvement has taken vision, leadership and I am certain a determination to navigate through many competing priorities. The leadership team at RVH has clearly ignited a shared vision from the clinicians who are doing the daily work caring for your community to the Board,” comments Director of Education for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Abigail Hain.

The other two recipients of this year’s award are the Canadian Forces Medical Services and the Central Regional Authority in Newfoundland.

“Safety is a quadrant in the RVH quality framework, and we truly commit to providing high-quality, safe, and timely patient care. Our training from CPSI has been a fundamental part of this commitment because RVH has developed a culture of safety that is endorsed and supported throughout the organization,” states Hanniman, who is also Nurse Manager of the RVH’s continuing care unit.

“I would like to congratulate Chris, Charlene, Cindy and all of our staff and physicians for a job well done. Patient safety is extremely important to our organization and this external recognition from such a prestigious organization as the CPSI is indeed an honour,” says Randy Penney, RVH CEO and President.

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