March 12, 2014

Renfrew Victoria Hospital receives green light for major expansion

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has granted final approval for capital funding of $9,627,900 towards the cost of Renfrew Victoria Hospital’s expansion.

“We are thrilled to be over the final hurdle in the process. This project represents the largest ever investment in RVH. The expansion and revitalization of our hospital will ensure the continued delivery of high-quality health care now and in the future,” says Andy Boldt, RVH Board Chair, adding, “The project is the culmination of tremendous foresight, a very strong management/medical team and a solid financial base. These are the dividends you can realize with a well-supported hospital.”

“On behalf of our hospital and most importantly our patients and their families,” Randy Penney, President and CEO of Renfrew Victoria Hospital, states: “I would like to thank the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Health for this very significant investment in our hospital.”

The expansion plans include a 23,000 square foot addition behind the emergency department, which will include a hemodialysis treatment area of 6,000 square feet—doubling the current space. Patients, staff and physicians will benefit from enhanced space and privacy, window views from every bed during their four-hour treatments, and close proximity to a new centralized nursing station for all dialysis stations.

In addition to the ability to provide 5,616 more treatments per year, the expansion will consolidate all of the chronic kidney disease services—renal insufficiency clinic, chronic disease education and management clinics, diabetes education, etc.—in a single area of the RVH campus, improving quality of care and efficiency. These services will be located on the second floor of the new centre. The hospital’s pharmacy will also be relocated to the second floor of the expansion, providing the capacity needed to implement Unit Dose Packaging for improved medication safety and efficiency.

The new addition will be attached and connected to the existing hospital building by hallways on both levels, and will offer a direct, convenient entrance for dialysis patients from the back parking lot.

Once completed, the expansion project will free up vacated space to physically expand other areas of care, for example, expanded ambulatory care clinics, which saw more than 14,000 visits in 2012–2013. Cancer and surgical patients will benefit from a relocated and expanded systemic care and medical day unit. Renovations on second and third floor nursing units, which are original 1920 design, will create improved patient rooms and washrooms and increase patient safety and infection control.

“As our community knows, our board, staff and physicians have been preparing for this investment for some time. In phase one, which was started last fall, we witnessed major infrastructure upgrades including significant electrical, water, and sewer enhancements. As well, major additions were made to our parking facilities to handle the expansion,” says Randy Penney, RVH President and CEO.

All of the work in phase one positioned RVH ideally for this major investment by the Ministry of Health. In the final phase, the second floor of the new expansion will be completed.

“RVH will undergo the largest transformation in its history over the course of this project,” says Penney. “At its completion, we will be able to offer the community world-class nephrology services, enhanced ambulatory care clinics with the ability to attract additional visiting specialists, and modernized inpatient facilities.”

In total, in excess of 14 million dollars will be spent on the Renfrew Victoria Hospital over the next couple of years.

“I would echo Randy’s comments and express our appreciation to the Minister of Health for this investment,” says Boldt. “This is all about our future and the future of RVH is very, very bright.”

Contract awarded

Also included in the Ministry’s letter was approval to award the contract for construction. The tendering process was completed in the fall of 2013. A letter of acceptance has been sent to Taplen Commercial Construction Inc., of Ottawa. The tender includes the services of local subcontractor R&R Electric.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Taplen, a company that has more than 50 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, for our construction project,” says Penney.

Taplen is moving ahead with the necessary shop drawings for review and approval by RVH’s architect and consultants so that construction can start as soon as possible.

“I would like to thank our staff, our architect, Brian Dickey, and our engineers for all of their assistance with the work to date. Brian has once again designed a beautiful facility that this community will be so very proud of,” adds Penney.

“I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the hard work of so many key players who have assisted our organization in obtaining this approval. In addition to the Minister of Health and all of the staff involved in the capital, I would like to thank our Champlain LHIN board and staff for their support. I would also like to thank John Yakabuski for his commitment to this project,” concludes Penney.

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