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April 11, 2013

Like mother, like daughter

A Renfrew couple is still trying to process the speedy arrival of the newest addition to their family—and the shocking similarities to her mother’s entrance into the world.

Michelle Charron and her husband Jason live just a few kilometres away from Renfrew Victoria Hospital, but on the evening of April 2, 2013, their daughter couldn’t wait long enough to be in the comfort of the obstetrical unit on the second floor. She couldn’t even wait to get in the building.

In a panic, Jason got out of their minivan and ran into the emergency entrance to grab a wheelchair for his wife, and when he returned his wife told him the wheelchair won’t be necessary because the baby was ready to come out.

“I didn’t think to park at the door,” says Jason, but he did see Dr. Greg Caza and two EMTs when he went to fetch the wheelchair and alerted them to the make-shift delivery room in his vehicle.

With the help of Dr. Caza, the EMTs and two nurses, the baby was born right in the RVH parking lot.

Danette Heffern was the obstetrical nurse on duty that evening and says she ran as swiftly as she could down from the second floor to the parking lot after getting the call. “I got there just in time to collect the baby,” she laughs.

“The staff was awesome too,” adds Jason. Many of them offered up name suggestions to the family—Carlotta, Chrysler, and Parker, to name a few—but they have named their beautiful little bundle of pink Gracie.

“She already has one really great story to tell people,” says Michelle.

The mom laughs at her baby girl’s antics as Michelle did the exact same thing—there was a little less room for the birth in the front of her parents’ pick-up truck. “It’s really crazy.”

Michelle really didn’t expect to go into labour early. She wasn’t due until April 7, and each of her previous pregnancies arrived right on time.

Her water had broken at home around 7 p.m. while they waited for Jason’s parents to come over to watch their two sons—Colin, 5, and Matthew, 3.

When the grandparents arrived, Michelle got up and immediately felt the urge to push. She knew they had to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

But it still wasn’t fast enough. Their beautiful baby girl was born at 9:55 p.m. and weighed 7 lbs 7 oz.

Heffern says she has had a few mothers not make it up to the Obstetrical Unit for delivery in the past, but they usually make it into the Emergency Department. “We had limited equipment and we were in the dark.”

“It certainly was exciting, and situations like this keep us on our toes!” sums up Heffern.

Although it may have been a bit frantic, the delivery went very smoothly “and the baby is perfectly healthy,” notes her proud daddy.


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