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October 26, 2012

University of Ottawa recognizes RVH CEO for work with master’s program

Randy Penney, President and CEO of Renfrew Victoria Hospital, has received the Preceptor’s Award from the Master of Health Administration (MHA) program at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management. The award was presented at a conference at the University of Ottawa on Thursday, October 25.

The Preceptor’s Award honours senior health administrators who act as preceptors in Telfer’s MHA residency program and demonstrate excellence in providing learning opportunities to students. MHA students do four-month residencies in health care settings at more than 50 locations in the National Capital Region and across Canada.

Penney, who has supervised eight MHA students over the years, says, “I have been a proud supporter of the MHA program, Telfer School of Management and the University of Ottawa, so this award is very humbling.” He adds, “One of the aspects I like most about the MHA program is the entire residency experience. It provides a good opportunity for students, preceptors, the university and faculty to come together to help train the leaders of tomorrow.”

Brian Malcolmson, Director of Telfer’s MHA program, notes that the program has been in existence for 48 years “so it is quite an honour for Randy to be among only four award winners to date.” The award, which was created in 2011, honours two preceptors a year, one in active service and one for past service.

“Our MHA students are happy to do their residencies at Renfrew Victoria Hospital,” Malcolmson adds, “not only because of the learning opportunities there, but also the mentoring capability of Randy Penney.”

Julia Atkinson, who works part-time at RVH as a Special Projects Manager, as well as owning and operating a successful home care business in Ottawa, did her residency at RVH in the fall of 2010 as part of Telfer’s MHA program. “Randy exemplifies the word ‘mentor,’ ” Atkinson says. “He sees the potential in people and gently guides you to the realization of that potential and the accomplishment of your goals. He does this in a way that makes you do the work while being there for support and assistance as required.” She adds, “As a leader, Randy also knows and utilizes the strengths of his senior management team and other team members to make sure that your experience at RVH is the best it can be. Randy is ‘linked with leadership’ and ensures that residency students have access to other leaders in health care.”

Maureen Taylor-Greenly, VP Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer at Queensway Carleton Hospital also speaks highly of her experience at RVH in 2001, and confirms, “Randy truly deserves to be recognized for his mentorship and his role in developing future health care leaders.”

When she expressed an interest in experiencing a smaller community hospital setting “in a progressive rural community hospital, with a progressive CEO,” RVH was recommended to her. “It was a fantastic three months. Randy gave me access to all important senior committees such as the Board, MAC and Senior Management and I was welcomed at all levels. Most importantly, I learned about partnerships and the relationships that a CEO creates in order to bring services closer to home for the community, and how to strategically look at the population health issues in your catchment area to determine what clinical programs you should focus on.”

From her residency, Taylor-Greenly says she also more fully appreciates the role of the Accreditation process in driving quality and change in organizations and has applied to be a surveyor.

She concludes, “Since then, I have often been contacted by subsequent MHA students to ask about my residency experience and have never hesitated to recommend Randy as a mentor for the MHA residency.”

RVH Board Chairman Andy Boldt says he was delighted that Penney had been honoured with the Preceptor’s Award. “This recognition of our CEO reflects well on the exceptional administrative team working at RVH. Randy provides leadership not only to our hospital staff, but also to those students who do practicums here. It’s an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and developing best practices.”

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