• Dr. Philippe Pinard and Dr. Jessica Bodig will open new practices at the Renfrew Medical Group.

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January 6, 2012

Two new doctors join Renfrew area medical team

The Renfrew Victoria Hospital is proud to welcome two new physicians to its roster next week. Dr. Philippe Pinard and Dr. Jessica Bodig will open new practices at the Renfrew Medical Group, located at 510 Raglan Street North on the grounds of RVH, on January 16.

Both Dr. Pinard and Dr. Bodig are general practitioners, specializing in family medicine. They were attracted to the Renfrew area by the Renfrew and Area Health Services Village incentive program, which was organized in 2010. The program’s goal is to bring 14 new physicians to the region over a 10-year period.

Dr. Pinard completed his residency in family medicine at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2010. Dr. Pinard, who is fluently bilingual, received his medical degree from l’Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec in 2008.

Dr. Jessica Bodig received her medical degree from Queen’s University in 2009 and completed her residency at UBC in June 2011.

“Dr. Pinard and Dr. Bodig are excellent additions to the RVH professional team and to the Renfrew community,” says RVH President and CEO Randy Penney. “Their training and knowledge will bolster the already quality service that we provide to area residents. I am very impressed with both of these young professionals. They have quickly embraced our hospital, medical staff and community. They are busy setting up their practice in our new clinic and have invested in our community by purchasing a home. They are young and eager to help in many different ways with the numerous programs and services.”

“This is very positive health care and economic news for our community,” notes Health Services Village Development Officer Norm Lemke. “The ongoing support of our municipal partners consisting of Admaston Bromley Township, Greater Madawaska Township, Horton Township and the Town of Renfrew, as well as the Renfrew Industrial Commission, Renfrew Home Hardware, Renfrew Victoria Hospital and Renfrew Scotia Bank and other community partners has enabled us to attract these highly qualified physicians to the area.”

Asked why he chose to set up practice in Renfrew, Dr. Pinard said that he prefers “a rural practice, where family physicians get more involved in the patient's care than in the city.” He also said he was impressed by the “good relationship amongst the physicians, and between the physicians and the hospital management team in the Renfrew medical community.” Pinard has a particular interest in being involved in nursing homes and hospice care.

Dr. Bodig said that her interest in working in Renfrew “includes the ability to provide a broad spectrum of patient care (obstetrics, in-patient care, clinic, end-of-life care) in a rural setting while having access to the referral resources in Ottawa.”

Dr. Bodig, who took up whitewater kayaking in 2005, noted that the Ottawa River provides another attraction. But, on a professional note, she added that “what drew us to Renfrew specifically were the collegiality amongst the doctors, and the smooth operation and friendly staff of the new medical clinic. We also felt that there was a sense of community in the town and that there would be a lot of opportunities for us to get involved.” Bodig’s medical interests include obstetrics, women's health, pediatrics, and teen health.

In order to sign up with Dr. Pinard or Dr. Bodig, patients must first be registered with Health Care Connect. The phone number for Health Care Connect is 1-800-445-1822. You can also register on the Ontario Ministry of Health website at or contact Renfrew & Area Health Services Village at 613-432-3328.

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For more information please contact Randy Penney, President and CEO, Renfrew Victoria Hospital, 613-432-4851, ext. 260, or Norm Lemke, Renfrew & Area Health Services Village Development Officer, 613-432-3328.

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