Cancer Care Satellite

Satellite Cancer Care is ...
A service of Renfrew Victoria Hospital, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre, Cancer Care Ontario Regional - Eastern Ontario, in conjunction with community providers and volunteers. This team approach to care enables clients to receive comprehensive cancer care and co-ordinated treatment in or near their own community.

The cancer clinic at Renfrew Victoria Hospital offers services of specially trained nurses, pharmacists and family physicians as well as medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and palliative care specialists We are able to offer clinic appointments for conventional follow-up visits as well as first assessment visits for both medical and radiation oncology referrals in a multidisciplinary team format.

Treatment for many types of cancer often includes chemotherapy, the administration of drugs that fight cancer. At the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Satellite Cancer Unit we administer all types of chemotherapy for all types of cancer. Some individuals are treated at Renfrew Victoria Hospital and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre due to the complexity of their treatments.

Why Renfrew?
Renfrew Victoria Hospital is situated near the centre of Renfrew County between Pembroke and Ottawa serving a mostly rural population. Renfrew's geographic location lends itself to easy public access and the hospital's association with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre, Cancer Care Ontario, community groups and agencies, as well as recent technological upgrades, enables us to offer a seamless continuum of client driven cancer services.

The cancer care that you and your family receive at Renfrew Victoria Hospital will be of the same quality as you would receive at either division of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre as we maintain an ongoing liaison with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre.

When you visit the cancer clinic at Renfrew Victoria hospital you will be assessed by a cancer specialist or by a specially trained family physician who reviews your care with the specialist.

Your family physician will be kept informed of your progress on a regular basis. If you have any concerns unrelated to your cancer treatment, please contact your family physician.

Appointments to the clinic are scheduled based upon your treatment or follow-up plan and your progress. Should you have any concerns related to your cancer care, or treatment between appointments, please contact us at 613-432-4851 extension 123.

Who will care for you at the satellite?
Your care is managed by a team of health care professionals. Renfrew Victoria Hospital nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other members of your health care team have all received advanced education at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre. Additionally, support for your treatment is provided by medical and radiation cancer specialists.

We realize that you and your family may have other needs while receiving cancer treatment. Our specially trained staff will try to refer you to the appropriate individual, group or agency to help you with your concerns. Renfrew Victoria Hospital offers a spectrum of cancer care services from health promotion to palliation.

Important telephone numbers
Renfrew Victoria Hospital, Satellite Cancer Unit
613-432-4851 ext 123

Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre: 613-737-7700

Clinic appointments: 613-737-7700 extension 6948

Beattie Library: 613-737-7700 extension 6277

Cancer Cancer Society, Renfrew County: 613-735-2571


We are committed to providing a safe, secure and respectful environment for our patients, staff and visitors
and will not tolerate any form of violent, abusive or aggressive behaviour.